About Us

Who We Are

Steve Dragmen

We Buy Houses Cleveland is a local real estate investment group. Our passion is real estate, and we love updating houses so that they reach their full potential. With this passion, we developed a team that can help improve properties, and at the same time, their communities.

Real estate is about so much more than just developing or flipping houses. It’s about people, and our passion extends to helping homeowners achieve their goals. We regularly work with people to find the best way to sell their home. Whether they want cash for the next, better house, or they’re trying to improve their financial situation, giving people cash for their homes is a reliable method to make things happen. At the end of it all, we aren’t here for your property — we’re here for you.

Why We Are the Best in Cleveland, OH

We’re the best Cleveland has to offer because we are passionate experts who have put every effort into making this process work for you. We buy houses in just four steps, and the hardest thing you have to do in any of them is choose whether or not to accept our offer. We can buy your house in as little as a week, or we can slow things down and give you the time you need to make informed, comfortable decisions. Our system is flexible and simple, and you will never have to pay a single fee at any point. Claiming to be the best is not an idle boast — we’re committed to making it true.

About the Owner

Steven Dragmen is the owner of We Buy Houses Cleveland. As someone with a general contractor background, his greatest joy when buying houses is determining how to renovate them and bring them to their full potential. He has renovated hundreds of homes throughout the Greater Cleveland area since 2003, and he looks forward to the many more renovations that he can undertake in the future.