How it Works

4 Easy Steps to Get Cash for Your Home

When you sell to We Buy Houses Cleveland, you are getting a simplified experience. We have streamlined this process and distilled it as much as possible. 

When you normally sell a house, you have to talk to the bank. Then, you talk to a listing agent. You might hire a realtor. You have to take pictures. You have to show the house. You have to wait for offers. Then you have to negotiate the offers. Once you get a serious buyer, you have to go through contingencies, closing costs, inspections, reassessments, mountains of paperwork, and more. It’s a massive process.

When you sell to us, it happens in four steps, and they’re all extremely simple. There is not an easier way to sell your house fast in Cleveland, OH. Here is how the cash for homes process works.

Step 1: Contact Us with the House You Need to Sell

It all starts with making contact. Let us know that you’re interested in getting cash for your house, and we’ll get things moving. Whether you fill out our contact form or call us, we’ll walk you through a short questionnaire. This lets us get familiar with the essential details of your house.

Once you’re through with all of that, we’ll review your information and reach out to you to move on to step two. Please understand that there is no “if” in this process. We will reach out to you. We want to buy your home, no matter the condition. For many, the certainty of our process is the best part of all.

Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough

This is the easiest part of the process on your part. We’ll work with you to schedule a walkthrough of your Cleveland home. We just need you to let us in so we can inspect the place. We can’t make an offer until we assess the condition of the home. It’s kind of like getting your home inspected when you sell through a realty company, but it’s far less formal. You don’t have to make sure anything is fixed or even cleaned before we get there. The assessment we make will be an important part of how we calculate the cash offer for your home.

Step 3: Receive a Cash Offer for Your Home

In step three, we’ll make an offer on your house. Again, there are no conditions here. No matter the shape of your house, we’ll make an offer. The only thing you have to do is decide whether or not you’re going to accept it.

We want to emphasize that at this point, you have made no commitment to sell. You get to see our offer before you have to make such an important decision. We understand that this is your house — possibly your home — and you can’t come to a decision to sell lightly. That’s why we try to make everything completely painless up to this point. The only thing you have to think a lot about is accepting or rejecting the offer, and it’s only when you formally accept the offer that we move on to step four.

Step 4: Sell Immediately or Whenever You’re Ready

For a variety of reasons, people sometimes have to get out of their house quickly. Sudden job changes, life circumstances, and many other factors can all push someone to sell a home as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to get your home sold as fast as legally possible. We can have you closed and moved out within two weeks of your first contact with us if that’s what you need.

That said, you are not obligated to leave the house in a rush. When you decide you like the offer for your house, we’ll work with you to craft a move-out schedule that works for you. If you’re in a hurry, we can keep up. If you need some time to move, we can work with that too.

When you finish moving out and hand us the keys, you get cash. That’s all it takes to sell your home. Contact us, let us see the house, get an offer and set a move-out date. If you’d like to get started, fill out the form or call us today. We buy houses throughout the Greater Cleveland area, and we’re standing by, waiting to hear from you.