Frequently Asked Questions about the Cash for Homes Process

If I enter my information, am I obligated to sell?

Absolutely not. There is no obligation to sell at any point in this process up until you sign paperwork agreeing to our offer. It’s perfectly fine for you to see the offer before deciding if you want to sell to us. That’s part of the process, and we’ve designed it that way on purpose.

What kinds of fees will I have to pay when selling my home?

There are no fees when selling to us. We take care of any closing and titling fees, and there are no commission costs. When we make you an offer, that’s the money you get.

How is the offering price for my house determined?

We will essentially appraise your house ourselves. The value of the home depends on a number of factors that include the neighborhood, size, and design of the house. We will also consider the condition of the house. Since we buy houses in all conditions, we’re prepared to evaluate what work we’ll have to do once the sale is complete. All of that goes into our offer calculations.

What do you do with the home after you purchase it?

Our agenda is real estate investment. That means we’re buying your house with the intent of making money. How we do that depends on the house and the current market conditions, but we’ll usually do one of two things: rent it out or renovate and sell it. We do both of these things in Cleveland, Ohio, and which is best for your house will depend.

Can I sell my home if I am behind on the mortgage?

Absolutely, yes. That’s a common situation for us, and it’s one of the best ways to deal with a tough mortgage situation. Because we buy for cash, we can process the entire sale much faster than most buyers can. If the mortgage situation is starting to feel untenable, contact us. We can get you an offer as soon as you let us do a walkthrough, and you can get cash very quickly to get out of your mortgage and have a fresh start.

How long does it take to sell my home?

How long this takes is mostly up to you. We’re not in the business of rushing people out of their homes before they’re ready. We’ll work with you on a timetable that you feel is right. With that said, if you are in a big hurry, we can make this happen faster than you might believe. We have closed on homes in less than a week, and we can do it again if that’s what you need.

Do I have to move out right after selling my house?

Nope. Once you decide to accept the offer, we’ll discuss timing with you. We’ll work with you to pick a move-out date that works for your situation. That date will be included in the contract that you ultimately sign. So, you can make sure you’re comfortable with the move-out date before you’re fully committed to the sale if you want. Either way, we’re not buying your house because we’re homeless. We can afford to be flexible.

Can I sell my house if I live out of state?

Yes. This is another normal occurrence for us. Sometimes we buy from homeowners who had to move before they could sell. Sometimes we help people who have inherited property out of state. There are a lot of reasons you might be in this situation, and we’re fully experienced with it. We have an office in Cleveland, and that can help us facilitate for you as we try to work out a deal. There are no significant legal barriers to the process, so we can walk you through everything you need.

What types of houses do you buy?

We buy all types of houses. A lot of people are skeptical of this, but we really do mean it. We buy houses in great shape. We also buy houses that need a lot of work. We buy houses in all kinds of neighborhoods, and we buy houses that are literally condemned. We know how to evaluate houses, and we know what to do with houses in any condition. No matter what kind of house you have, it won’t be a problem for us.