3 Challenges You Might Face When Selling Your House

Cleveland has been ranked as the 10th best city in America to buy a home and has an annual home appreciation value of 1.8%.

This is good news for people looking to sell their homes in Cleveland as they can find plenty of potential buyers. Selling a house is not an easy process, but many homeowners believe they can do it on their own. Their reasons include trying to save money, having greater control over who buys the property, and not having to deal with real estate agents.

However, the homeowners end up facing numerous challenges that cost them both their time and money. Here are some of the common issues homeowners experience when selling their properties:

Getting the Ideal Price

Getting the expected price is not always possible, especially when the market is in bad shape. The global pandemic has a significant impact on the real estate industry and caused the house prices to fall. While the market is slowly recovering, homeowners might have to wait it out till they can get the right price. But if they price the property too high, fewer buyers will show interest, and most won’t offer the ideal price the homeowner has in mind.

Selling Within Certain Deadlines

Many homeowners are looking to sell their property as quickly as possible. It could be because they need cash to buy another property, or because their listing is about to expire. Listing the property with another agent can increase the waiting time until the homeowner can find the right buyer for their home.

The selling process itself can take a long time with the appraisal process, getting payment from the buyer, and the legal requirements of changing the paperwork to transfer the ownership of the property. Most homeowners don’t want to wait that long and inevitably end up selling the house for less than its actual market value.

A couple trying to renovate and repair before selling their house

Fixing and Preparing the House

If the property needs repairs, it is possible that the homeowner is aware of it. Many homeowners are looking to sell their property “as-is,” which means in the same condition without doing any repairs or renovation. However, most traditional buyers expect the homeowner to fix what needs fixing before they move in. To sell the house “as-is,” homeowners must look for buyers who are willing to take on the repairs or buyers such as We Buy Houses Cleveland.


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