How to Sell Ugly Houses in Cleveland

You own a home in Cleveland. It feels good, at times, to know you own property. On the other hand, your house isn’t exactly turning heads with its stunning beauty.

Maybe it’s a little on the old side. Perhaps it has seen some tough weather over the years.

Regardless, if you have something you might describe as an ugly house, then selling it can be complicated. A lot of people shy away from ugly houses. The result? You need the means to overcome hesitation and find a good buyer. The tips below are just the thing.

Make the House Prettier

If it’s hard to sell an ugly house, then just make the house prettier, right? That’s certainly an option, and there are a lot of things you can do that don’t require major repairs.

Your starting point is curb appeal. Clear the weeds. Clean up any peeling paint. Consider a little touch-up paint. Make sure there aren’t objects or debris visible. And stage some pictures to get the house’s “good side.”

If the house is a little prettier, you can overcome a lot of buyer hesitancy.

Adjust the Price

It’s simple economics. If a house is hard to sell, consider dropping the price. For some “ugly” houses, this can be a point of major frustration. The house is sound. It’s just dated or doesn’t look as pleasing to the eye as it could.

Regardless, lowering your asking price can help you get more offers, and that’s an important component of selling a house. You need interested parties to sell to, and controlling your price can stimulate interest.

Sell the Story

For some buyers, there are things that matter more than aesthetics. You can find them by including your story on a public listing. Explain how you’ve lived in the house, how the house came to be in its current state, and how some of the little things make it unique and special.

There are plenty of people who love a good story, and they’ll want to be a part of that. They’ll buy the ugly house, planning to renovate as they see fit. But the beauty of the story can destroy their hesitation, and you can sell your house without any major work.

Snag an Investor

The tips above can help, but this one is a sure thing. There are plenty of property investors in Cleveland, and they’re always looking for the next opportunity. Guess what. You have that next opportunity ready and waiting for them!

Property investment firms, wholesalers, and even individual investors are all interested in buying your house. Yes, we can say that without knowing where you live or what the house looks like. These people are in the business of finding a house and turning it around. They like ugly houses because they present more opportunities.

When you reach out to an investor, you can inspect a cash offer pretty much as soon as they can walk through the house.

Be Honest

During a real estate deal, it is important to indicate whether the property has any defects. It is good to express all issues that surround the property in question openly during the process of negotiation as it brings forth trust in the whole process and avoids possible disputes or surprise revelations during closing. Full disclosure of the flaws in property upon selling on the seller disclosure form is not matter to just fulfill the legal requirement, but also it is a matter of moral obligation. Misrepresenting the property in the viewings or in descriptions, that means outright lying about it, will create mistrust and magnify concern over minor issues otherwise could be mitigated.

Playing to Strengths

This impression is further enhanced by living room pictures, the leading photograph, along with a small garden or yard photo, remain the most important to buyers. Do leverage the selling points of your property in coordination with your real estate agent. Every property has good features that can be leveraged as positive points for the sale of the property. Take further action to these positive aspects to ensure that they explain themselves to the prospective buyers.

Adjusting the Price

In cases where the property has serious aesthetic or functional inadequacies, adjusting the asking price may become a necessary action. A realistic pricing strategy accounts for the cost of essential repairs that are needed to realign the price by the current condition of a property. This approach helps in attracting potential buyers but also definitely leaves room for negotiation whereby potential buyers get to consider additional costs for unforeseen repairs or contractor services.

Focused Buyer Segments

Some special target markets, such as real estate investors or people who acquire and resell homes for a profit, are likely to be interested in properties that require extensive improvements. Such purchasers typically look at properties that offer value-added potential by putting in money on renovation and making the repairs that need to be made. In such markets where the properties are in poor condition and need a lot of renovation, marketing those properties as an “excellent investment opportunity” or “ideal for renovation” can be framed to attract these investors. Such buyers usually are cash-ready and have lesser chances of financing problems, thereby making them extremely viable for all kinds of properties that could otherwise be unattractive to the conventional home buyers.

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