Rent at a Negative Cash Flow vs. Sell for a Loss

Purchasing a home in the Cleveland, OH, area is often a great long-term housing option. For most property owners, owning real estate can help you build personal equity and give you a consistent place to live. However, there may be situations when you need to sell during a challenging market and could actually lose money. In these cases, your main options are either to rent your home at a potentially negative cash flow or to sell it for a loss.

Renting Your Home at a Loss

One option you will have to consider if you need to move out of your home but are underwater on your mortgage or will have to take a loss is renting your home out. Renting a home is often considered a good long-term real estate investment strategy as you will have someone that pays you rent, which could cover your bills. During this time, your mortgage will slowly be paid down, and your home can appreciate in value as time goes by. There are also tax advantages that can come as any losses you incur could offset your personal income.

While there are some advantages that come with renting out your home, it is not always a good option for everyone. One of the challenges that people can have with renting out their home is that they will not be able to cover their bills with rental income. Depending on how much you spent on your home and what the local rental market is like, keeping the property occupied with a tenant that pays enough to cover your bills is far from a guarantee.

An additional challenge that can come with renting out your home is that it is far from a passive investment. When you are a landlord, there is a lot of work that goes into marketing and leasing the home, handling repairs and maintenance calls, and ensuring your are complying with any rental property requirements. While you could hire a property manager to help with this, these services come with additional costs. Overall, renting a home for a loss could prove to be a more costly option than you may have initially realized.

Selling Your Home for a Loss

While renting out your home can be a good option for some people, it is often not ideal or practical for others. If you do have a home that is underwater on a mortgage or that has not appreciated in value over time, the other option to consider is selling your home for a loss.

When you are looking to sell your home, it is important to remember that there are a lot of costs that come with the transaction. Between real estate commissions, transfer taxes, real estate tax postings, and other costs, selling a home often costs tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, you may find that the selling process takes longer than you anticipated. This could mean you are stuck paying the bills on the home until you manage to sell it. Because of this, finding a solution that can result in a quicker sale is often ideal.

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